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GEM Motoring Assist has been around since 1932, offering reliable breakdown cover for British motorists. Nobody wants to experience a breakdown, but having a trustworthy breakdown cover means you’ll have a mechanic by your side to fix your car on the spot or safely transport you to a garage or home.

So, why should you consider GEM Motoring Assist? Well, they provide fully comprehensive breakdown cover that’s tailored to you. From the standard Roadside Assistance to additional help at home, they’ve got you covered whenever you need assistance.

GEM Motoring Assist has a long-standing history in the industry. Legend has it that the founder had a near miss with a young sports car driver on the way to Warnes Hotel in Worthing. That incident inspired a group of friends to create a club focused on “Care, Courtesy, and Concentration” to promote safer driving and reduce accidents. And that’s how the Company of Veteran Motorists came to be.

Throughout the years, GEM Motoring Assist has remained committed to their core values of providing excellent service, sound advice, and keeping their members safe on the road. In 1983, they changed their name to the Guild of Experiences Motorists (GEM), following the successful launch of their breakdown recovery service in 1978.

Today, GEM continues to prioritise their members and their mobility too: so even if you’re driving literally any type of vehicle, they can cover up to four drivers within your household. A quick call to their UK-based GEM Rescue Control Centre connects you to their network of approved recovery operators located across the country, ensuring efficient and prompt assistance to get you back on track.

GEM: Reputation & Reviews

GEM Motoring Assist’s reputation speaks for itself. They’ve been consistently ranked among the top three Breakdown Recovery Providers in the Auto Express Driver Power Survey for twelve years, and they’ve secured the number one spot nine times. Their comprehensive Breakdown Cover has also been awarded a Defaqto 5 Star Rating, making it one of the most comprehensive policies available.

With a driver-first approach, GEM actively supports various road safety activities, including conferences, award schemes, and research. They make it easy for you to request recovery assistance, whether it’s through a phone call, their user-friendly free breakdown recovery app, or by sharing your location via the What3Words app.

It’s worth noting that GEM Motoring Assist established the Road Safety Charity in 1985. The charity plays a vital role in supporting road safety projects across the UK by providing grants and financial aid to initiatives with regional or national significance. They accept project proposals from registered charities, universities, road safety organizations, and groups, with the Board of Trustees carefully considering each plan.

GEM Motoring Assist has earned the praise and loyalty of their customers over the years. While specific ratings may vary across different platforms, their commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction is evident.

Pricing & Costs of GEM Breakdown

Let’s talk about cost. Compared to similar policies out there, GEM is a real money-saver, coming in at a whopping 61% cheaper on average. So if you’re on a budget and want some peace of mind on the road, they’re worth considering.

With GEM Motoring Assist Comprehensive Breakdown Cover, you get a range of services to keep you covered. They provide 24/7 home and roadside assistance, nationwide recovery, and onward travel. It’s good to know that no matter where you experience a breakdown, GEM will be there to help.

Unlimited callouts are part of the package, covering various events like driver illness, flat batteries, and running out of fuel. But here’s the real kicker: their Personal Breakdown Cover. No matter what wheels you’re rolling on, you’re eligible for assistance. That means they’ve got your back, whether you’re driving your car, borrowing a friend’s motorbike, or taking the family caravan out for a spin.

What else do I get as a member?

GEM’s commitment to road safety and driver well-being is impressive. As a member, you gain access to their GEM Club Membership, which includes a quarterly magazine packed with useful tips, guides, latest advice, vehicle road test reports, technical insights, competitions, and attractive member discounts. It’s their way of going the extra mile for their customers.

Now let’s talk awards. GEM Motoring Assist has garnered recognition in the industry, earning multiple accolades over the years. They’re a trusted provider with a solid reputation and have been hailed as one of the best in the business. Their Defaqto 5 Star rating further solidifies their position as a top-notch breakdown cover provider.

It’s worth noting that GEM offers more than just breakdown cover: they have a range of additional services to make your motoring experience safer and more convenient. From free technical advice to insurance options for cars, motorbikes, homes, and travel, they’ve got you covered on multiple fronts.

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